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IMDb entry for Ronin

A fine film with much for the ardent ARRSEer to enjoy:

  • Robert DeNiro playing, well, Robert DeNiro as a tough ex-CIA bloke, who may still be in the CIA.
  • Jean Reno, looking impressively cool in the photo above, playing an ex-DB or whatever the Belgian equivalent is, bloke. May also still be in whatever it was he was in.
  • Sean Bean playing a THEM Walt, caught out by the classic "what colour is the boathouse at Hereford?" ploy. Schoolboy error mr Bean!
  • Various Republican folk being slotted. In a spirit of reconcilliation, this is of course a bad thing, but they were renegade Rebublicans (possibly a tautology there) so it's OK.
  • Some top car chases. Look for the scrape of "Mercedes Diana Black" in the Paris motorway tunnels.

Obscure fact that everyone knows:

To make the car chases look authentic, British RHD cars were used, with a fake steering whell added to the left so the actors really look terrified when they are "driving" them.