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Ron Mainhood

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Ron Mainhood

Next! Step forward Ron Mainhood from Rochester in Kent. Ron, 71, is a former CSgt who served in 2 PARA and saw action in the Suez Crisis, Northern Ireland and served a UN tour in Cyprus. He served for over fifteen years and earned the coveted Long Service & Good Conduct Medal along with two General Service Medals and a UNFICYP medal.

Ron joined the Royal British Legion and he became Gravesend Branch Officer and Parade Marshal – a duty which he undertook for several years, even attending a memorial service at Arnhem. He also travelled around local schools regaling his war stories to classrooms full of wide-eyed kids and is also alleged to have collected over £100,000 for charidee, including the RBL, SSAFA and the MNA. All very noble and charitable, except - and I suspect you know where this is going – it was all bollocks.

People started to smell a rat – or rather several, and he was bubbled to the Airborne Forces Association. Who politely told him to knock all this silliness on the head. So, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Ron would admit to being a walt and scuttle off under a rock never to be seen again. But no. As we’ve seen in several cases, they simply cannot admit to being found out and Ron continued his act – even going as far to make a complaint against his inquisitors and penning a stiff missive to... the Airborne Forces Association! What a fucking cheek!

Ron was again spotted in his finery at another parade and this time the police were informed about Ron’s alleged activities (deception & theft) and he was invited along to the station for a chat. Did Ron take the hint? No, he really fucked up instead. In February 2006 he went to the papers and protested his innocence. Noooooooooooooo! Oh well... gloves off time: Box (as in Pandora... not Harry Carpenter)!

Quite rightly incensed by such effrontery, the bona fide airborne boys of the PRA went straight for the jugular – or rather the Kent Messenger and told them the whole story. This was then followed up in the nationals: The Daily Mirror and the Daily Telegraph. Nice one Ron!

The police had apparently checked up on our hero at the Army Personnel Centre, Glasgow. The results were both surprising and sad. It transpired that Ron had indeed served in the Army for two years as a National Serviceman in the Royal Artillery. No medals though. Naughty Ron was cautioned, and to accept one of those is an admission of guilt.

Yet again, we see someone who’d served creditable time in the forces and gone on to totally and utterly discredit themselves on the stage of waltdom. Ron should’ve known better. Muppet!

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