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The Flag of Romania

The location of Romania in Europe


Land of vampires and Gypsies - a sizable quantity of which are living in Slough - at taxpayer's expense of course. Romania is an impossibly beautiful country, so quite why anyone would wish to leave it for Berkshire is beyond this callsign, though easy money and ridiculously lax laws (compared to Romania) obviously have something to do with it. The women are incredibly stunning, but mysteriously develop moustaches at the age of thirty. They would also slit your throat without as much as a blink of an eye. In fact most of the locals would slit your throat.

Ancient History

Romania used to be ruled, back in ancient times, by Darius the Great after he conquered the locals. This is probably the only time anyone called Darius has achieved anything.

This country used to be called Dacia ... till the Romans decided they wanted it. After having slaughtered everyone they could find, the country was named ROMANia.

Home to Vlad the Impaler, and containing many great places to make a horror film such as Transylvania, Moldavia and Wallachia.

More Recent History

Romania used to be part of the Warsaw Pact, but joined the Forces of Light (NATO) and the EU in 2004 - thus opening the floodgates to millions of thieving pikey filth with fuck all to offer society. Romania was laughing its cock off at our Western naivete, as the gypos are generally loathed by normal Romanian society.

The Now

Of consequence, every town centre in the UK now resembles the opening night cast encore of Fiddler on the Roof, with swarthy Romanies stripping the pockets of happless shoppers bare, whilst their womenfolk cackle and spit and play folk tunes on accordians - their body odour doing fuck all for the national Carbon Footprint. Three cheers for multiculturalism!

One particular group of 100 or so Romanians wandered across Europe coming to rest in a land of plenty (of benefit and free housing) ... Northern Ireland. Once the locals noticed just how chiselling and pikey they were ... queue the old fashioned lynch mob and bye bye Romanians who went home (paid for by us).

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