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Quality producers of retro 1970s porn. Well... it wasn't actually retro at the time if you know what I mean. Full of tasty Scandinavian bintery with hairy armpits, being pounded senseless in every hole - and in believable underwear - by blokes that looked like they were either from Hereford or from ABBA. A battered pocket-sized Rodox mag was - and indeed still is for some - essential kit.

Unfortunately, the advancement in modern technology has rendered such superb publications obsolete, with many squaddies preferring to direct and star in their own real-time, streaming videos on their laptops and mobiles.

Not to be confused with:

  • Redex - Carburettor cleaner
  • Radox - Bath salts
  • Radar - Short cnut from MASH or ... erm... radar?