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Road Charging

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The latest governmental scheme for squeezing that little bit extra money out of the idiots that allow them to get away with it time and time again - Joseph Public esq.

Along with Green Tax and Carbon Footprints, this is yet another way of justifying another fiscal penalty on the over-taxed proles that are already being bled dry. This is how it works:

Every time you take the nippers to school, pop down to Sainsbury's or draw breath, you will incur a levy. This is done by a complex suite of surveillance assets all working in perfectly choreographed concert, which will automatically debit your meagre savings pound by pound. Should you go over the speed limit, the complex programming will instantly calculate your time & distance to and from destination and penalise your miserable middle class arse with great vengeance.

When you run out of money, the local council will send the bailiffs around to cart away your pitiful possessions; and when your home is an empty shell you'll be evicted by the same no-necks. If you resist, the police - forever looking for an easy kill and a box to tick - will pump your useless carcass full of 9mm - and then bill your grieving parents for the ammunition. Good eh?

None of the above will apply to individuals of ethnic origin or anyone with a vehicle registered in Uzbekistan.