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Rideau Camp

Before the coming of the coastal highway, Rideau Camp turned up at the end of an arse numbing 14 hour cabby in a three wheeled local school bus along what can only be described as unfinished jungle paths cut by the local chogies. Those with any sense hitched a ride on a Puma from Airport Camp. Located in the picturesque region of Belize called Toledo, and 2k's from the regional capitol of Punta Gorda, Rideau Camp was the arrsehole of the world, with all who went there merely turds passing through it.

Two things that made Rideau worth visiting were the REME bar - known as the Rideau Rodent - and Bobbies Bar in the metropolis of PG. The Rodent set the trend for bingeing. When a young Rodney asked why the bar was open at 09:00 on a workday, he met the reply of "Well, there's f*ck all else to do!"

Pastimes that took place in Rideau tended to be betting based around the weather: when is it going to rain?, how long will it rain for?, how deep will the water get? and so forth. To say that everything stopped for the rain, would be a lie. It would be more accurate to say that sometimes whilst it rained, there were sporadic out breaks of work.

I spent six months of my life in that shithole which turned me into an alcoholic. So at least something good came of that posting.