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Richie C

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Richie C - Professional Rogue
Richie C - harder than diarrhoea, boi!!1!

Who He?

Richie C is a member of the Parachute Regiment. Except that he isn't. He is actually a chavvy council house dweller from Lakenham, aged approximately 14 years old. Interestingly, Lakenham is also known as 'Ghetto Land', a fact that may surprise some. In MSN he also admitted to sustained and prolonged drug abuse - en excerpt from the chat can be found here.

How Was This Filth Uncovered?

ARRSEr Romeo_47 over on ARRSE clocked our homeboy chum after being randomly spammed by him on MSN. After watching his 'Walt-O-Radar' go into overtime, Romeo_47 pressed on and divined that young Mr C was in fact a Parachute Regiment soldier currently posted to Catterick - so presumably at Para Coy or something similar. All this seems perfectly legitimate apart from the fact that it is bollocks.

Hot Pursuit

Quick as scalded cats, the Waltenkommando picked up the scent and started reporting in. In fairly short order, his Bebo page was discovered and spammed. In an inspired move worthy of the Waltenkommando, Biped created his own webpage on Bebo in order to more closely maintain eyes on this wretched fuckloveable tyke.

Patrol Report

Inevitably - and let's face it, who couldn't see this coming - young Mr Richie C (homeboi, Paratrooper and all-round tough guy) is actually a feeble-minded schoolboy who lives near Norwich and now bitterly regrets ever logging onto the Interwebs to tell lies. He now faces a lifetime of misery as the Waltenkommando will never let go (see Mike Golden).

How Can I Help?

You may assist in the eternal ongoing battle against Walts in all their forms by joining the Waltenkommando or - if you would prefer to focus your efforts solely against this specimen, his MSN address is richie_321maestro @ The thread about this tragic wanker is here.