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Rhein Army Summer Show

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The Rhein Army Summer Show was an annual English county show-style event which originated as a horse show and evolved in to a massive festival of goodwill to all - complete with military demonstrations, German cultural events, fun fair, beer tents galore, BFBS, and all the fun of the fair.

It was an event to which soldiers, their families, the local German population and allies flocked to from all over BFG. So popular in fact that it was no surprise that it was closed down. If only three officers and their dog had turned up every year it would still be going.

It was sadly closed on the grounds that there was a new show at Rheindahlen. This major festival consisted of a SSAFA stall, the Rhein D Officers' Wives Club cake stall and an alcohol-frie beir stand. This gave the 'powers that be' the excuse that we didn't need two major morale-boosting events. It should be noted that three officers and their dog did turn up every year at Rheindahlen... but they were the only ones.

An urban legend has grown around the RASS saying that if the Red Menace were ever going to go for it, they would have chose the Sunday of RASS weekend as the entire complement of BAOR were either leathered or hung over from the Saturday, ergo it would have been a stroll over the German plain. Having been there they may well have had a point.