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For retard read mong. Retards are entitled to utilise the suffix 'Retd.' after their name (along with VD, PVR etc). Retards including insane, retired senior officers haunting ARRSE, which just about sums it up beautifully. Nevertheless the increasing levels of window-licking fuckwittery from ARRSE'S screaming spankers should not be overlooked. In a nutshell, the site is becoming akin to the Westminster Houses of Broken Brains.

The retard count on ARRSE seems to have increased exponentially since the Brexit vote in 2016, when all the EU biffers and leavers sprang up, some in Sock Puppet form (Remainers); some of them Right Wingers. Consequently the boards are now infested with "Brexit-obsessed" cunts and politicised bellends; loony lefties, rabid right-wingers, and lardy pointy-head desk-jockey civil serpents smelling of wee. Argumentative stupid cunts and retards, every single fucking mong of them.

Retarded Examples

  • Officers with a map.
  • "Tour-dodging STABs, Brexit-obsessed mongs and never-served civvie turds" (says Mod Theresa_May).
  • Fat ginger desk-jockey Remainer cunts roaming the Brexit threads
  • Boring Leaver cunts biting on snipes in the tedious Brexit threads
  • A CQMS with a map getting lost with the rations, again.
  • Slop Jockeys burning down the Cookhouse after a night on the lash.
  • A Tom letting off an ND in the loading bay.
  • Crows with two left feet and spaz syndrome on 'God's Drill Square'.
  • Mongs slicing their nose off with their fixed bayonet on parade.
  • Any one of the mongs crayoning and arguing round-the-clock on ARRSE.
  • Any one of the mongs starting shit threads in the wrong ARRSE forum.
  • ARRSE's favourite wibbling, fat and thick Labour far-left front-bencher. Potato!
  • Foolish tits in the mob who ever chanced a short-cut across any Drill Square.
  • Grunts. That is all.
  • Deluded Walts playing dress-up with illegal kit and chocolate medals.
  • Cunts obsessing over Brexit and politics on a military-themed website
  • Unfunny Sock Puppet civvy cunts crayoning and arguing 24/7
  • Add your own, after all the British Army has plenty of examples and dits.

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