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User registration has 3 steps which are explained below.

Create a User

This is done by following the steps that start here.

Activate a User

If you have successfully completed all the steps of creating a user you will then receive an email from us with a link in it that you need to click. If this doesn't work then you should copy the link and paste it directly into the browser. This will then activate your account.

AOL & Hotmail There is a known issue with both AOL and Hotmail accounts that means that clicking the email link does not work. You must copy the URL and paste it into you browser. As an aside, both AOL and Hotmail are very poor and there are lots of much better alternatives available. Try Plus Net and Yahoo Mail for starters.

Log In

Once you have registered and activated an account you should be able to log in with your chosen user name and password here


If you have any issues with the registration process then please contact the site admin on