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Regimental Nicknames

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--Darkonas89 (talk) 18:11, 12 May 2016 (BST) Sometimes funny, normally rude - the names Regiments have historically and colloquially been known by. Due to amalgamation and disbandment, some no longer exist and, where possible, the names have been applied to their successor formations:

Royal Armoured Corps

Household Cavalry Regiment

  • The Cheesemongers” - 1st Life Guards - Dates from 1788 when the regiment was being re-organised. Some commissions were refused because the officers concerned were the sons of merchants and therefore not, “gentlemen.”
  • The Oxford Blues” - The Royal Horse Guards - From the title of their commander (the Earl of Oxford, 1690) and, of course the blue uniform. Subsequently contracted to, “The Blues.”
  • The Bird Catchers” - 1st (Royal) Dragoons - captured a French Eagle Standard at Waterloo.
  • Colloquially:
    • Piccadilly Cowboys
    • Donkey Wallopers
    • Kings REME Haters

1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards

  • The Welsh Cavalry
  • Colloquially:
    • Queen's Dancing Girls

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers & Greys)

  • "Scotland's Cavalry"
  • "FIJI DG" - Owing to their abbreviation being SCOTS DG, but their rugby team being almost entirely Fijian
  • "Bird Catchers" - (no longer used) from when the 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) captured the Imperial Eagle of the 45e Régiment de Ligne during the charge of the Union Brigade at Waterloo
  • "Scots Fiji"

5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards (the skins) (5th skins)

  • "The fore skins"

17th/21st Lancers

  • "The Boneheads"

9th/12th Royal Lancers

  • The Delhi Spearmen” - 9th (Queen’s) Royal Lancers. From the Indian Mutiny. The cry of retreating mutineers being, “Delhi Bhala Wallah!” See above.
  • Colloquially:
    • Three quarter Prancers;
    • 75 Heavy Underwater Artillery
    • 3/4 Popular
    • Ballroom Dancers
    • 912 Recon (They HATE this one)

11th Hussars

  • The Cherry-pickers” - From an incident in Spain in 1811. French cavalry, contrary to all the usages and customs of war, sneaked up on them whilst they were looting a cherry orchard forcing this gallant band to fight a dismounted action. The horror!
  • The Cherubims” - A pun on cherry-bums. The chaps wearing tight red breeches.
  • Colloquially:
    • Elephant's Arse

The King's Royal Hussars

  • "The Emperor's Chambermaids" - From the 14th Hussars who captured Joseph Napoleon's carriage at the Battle of Vitoria in 1813. The regiment retained a silver chamberpot from this, the further use of which is not specified.
  • Colloquially:
    • Sh*te hawks
    • King's Royal Donkey Wallopers

The Queens Own Hussars

  • "The Saucy Seventh" - Well, they rather brought this one on themselves. 7th Queen's Own Hussars described themselves thus on a recruiting poster in the early 19th century. Back then, of course, they were referring to their dapper and smart appearance.
  • Colloquially:
    • (QOH) - Queers on Horseback

The Royal Tank Regiment

  • The People's Cavalry
  • The Chav Cav
  • The Chavalry
  • The Council Cav
  • Cash Bar (rhymes with RTR)


Camilla Commandos

Army Air Corps

    • Anti Aviation Corporation
    • Anagram - Sorry I Am Crap
    • Teeny Weeny Airways
    • Smurff Hats
    • Blue tac Head
    • The 20 Minuters - Comes from when the RFC was orignally formed, 20 minutes was the life expectancy of pilots.

Combat Support


  • The Royal Signals
  • The Intelligence Corps
    • Snot hats
    • Muppets
    • IC (as in eh i see, ugh),
    • Green Slime
    • Sneaky beakies (I hate that term!)
    • Backstabbers
    • Lack Of(Intelligence)Corps
    • Splitters f*ck the boss for promotion Corps,

Combat Service Support

  • The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME)
    • Royal Engineers Minus Ego
    • Royal Engineers Made Easy
    • Royal Engineers Minus Educayshun
    • Real Engineering Made Easy
    • Ruin Everything Mechanical Eventually
    • Rough Engineering Made Easy
    • Arrse bandits
    • Rear Ends Made Easy
    • Ruin Everything Mainly Engines
    • Ruin Every Maiden Eventually
    • Spanner Monkeys
    • Spanner wnakers
    • Sappers with a yellow Stripe/Streak (coined when they were formed out of the RE)
  • The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC)
    • Right Lovely Crowd
    • Right Load of Cobblers
    • Rags Lorries & Curries
    • Really Large Corps
    • Paramilitary wing of Eddie Stobart ‘’(God damn it! Who let the cnut out of the bag)’’
    • REME Luggage Carriers
    • Rejects Last Chance
    • Retard's Lone Choice
    • Real Lesbian Corps
    • Really Lazy Corps
    • Rickshaws Cabs and Taxis (Royal Corps of Transport)

Army Medical Services

  • Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC)
    • Corpse Corps
    • Chancre mechanics
    • Linseed Lancers
    • "Run away Matron's coming"
    • Rather a Mediocre Crowd
    • Rob All My Comrades.
    • Scablifters
    • Pox Doctors
    • Can't Manage A Rifle (backwards acronym)
    • Rats After Mouldy Cheese
  • Royal Army Dental Corps (RADC)
    • Gob Docs
    • Fang Farriers
    • Royal Army Drinking Club
    • Royal Army Divorce Corps
    • Tooth Fairies

Adjutant General's Corps

  • The Royal Military Police (RMP)
    • Monkeys
    • Pigs
    • Filth
    • Meat heads
    • Red Caps
    • Shït In Bulk (SIB)
    • Quite simply ... Just a MASSIVE bunch of cnuts.



  • The Royal Marines
    • Bootnecks
    • Lobsters
    • Cabbage Heads
    • Royal (amongst themselves)
    • The Green Death
    • Used boat salesmen
  • RAF Regiment
    • Rockapes
    • Pebble Monkeys
    • The Short Range Desert Group
    • Bunch of Walty Cunts


  • University of London OTC (ULOTC)
    • Usually Learnt Off The Cuff
  • Bristol University Officer Training Corps
    • Better Undergraduates Offer Their Competence
    • "Benders. Unusually Obtuse Teenage Cretins"
  • Exeter University OTC (EUOTC)
    • Elite Unit Of The Commandos [yeah right]
    • Excited Undergraduates Opt for Transvestite Cocks
  • City of Edinburgh Universities Officer Training Corps (CEUOTC)
    • Callous and Extravagant Use Of Taxpayer's Cash
  • Universities of Sheffield UOTC (SUOTC)
    • Shagging Undergraduates Off The Campus - potentially originating for the high number of young and impressionable females who tend to join or visit the unit, and then subsequently end up leaving the University (or Hallam-the Poly). Whether this is due to the actions of male members of the unit cannot be commented on.
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