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Recruiting Toolbox

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Recruiting is NOT the responsibility of a small recruiting cell. It is the responsibility of everybody, and only by getting everybody to accept this and buy into the idea will the opportunities fall out of the air - as if by some predetermined plan. With everybody in the sub-unit having ideas, all you have to do is manage them!


Find list of ex-regs moving to your locality. (FREE)

Purchase 'Now Recruiting' banner for front of TAC / TA sign.

TA Leaflets in Army Careers Office. (FREE)

Stand @ local Uni Jobfair. (£200)

MMU Careers Email to 19,000 Students (£100)

Beer / Curry for those met at UniJob fair, or responded to Careers Office email. Invite School and University Careers Advisors and employers. Invite North West Business Insider Editor Michael Taylor 0161 907 9711 for interview with SaBRE, CO and TA soldier (£100) contact SaBRE

Interviews on Student Radio. (FREE)

Approach Metrolink for recruitment stand from 1630-1800 at Tram stations. (MTDs, Recruiting CDs)

Identify shops / libraries / Colleges /Gyms with community notice boards (eg ASDA) for putting recruiting flyer up.(FREE)

Identify local CCFs for presentations, to take on Exercise, take PTIs out to, run a Mil Skills comp for them. (FREE)

Identify which colleges hold a 'Pre-Uniformed Service' course. (FREE)

Get adverts in local Job Centre.(FREE)

Identify local community projects (poss via council) and get stuck in (cf Festival: Manchester.. (MTDs)

Purchase blue Regimental T-shirts (green ones will end up being worn on ex) with URL on for races/ competitions/ charity work / Gyms etc. (TBC)

Produce TA promo Lanyards . (TBC)

Burns night: invite O/Cdts from local OTC(s).

Tie up with

Purchase Recruiting stickers, magnets, letter openers, document holders, rulers, phone card printed with "Call us when you need a great job." 1000 labels £38 10,000 £17-£18 per 1000


Find out how TA membership affects benefits and get a poster up in the local jobcentre. (FREE)

Manchester Uni Jobs fair (Voluntary/Public Sector). (FREE)

Open Forum: Local Business / Religious / Community Leaders / Consuls / Councillors / MP / Lord Lieutenant / appropriate student bodies/ invitation to forum with the Army Ethnic Minority Recruiting Team. (£200) Goodies from SaBRE?

Ensure follow up letter from RFCA contact invites potential recruit to bring along mates/family members etc

Contact local gyms to find out advertising rates on their in-house TV screens etc

Get flyers into local colleges / training centres

Investigate 0800 number to be answered by Regular RRTT


Beer + Curry night for Final Year OTC students with CO, Army Careers Office staff. (£200)

CO to write to all OTCs with an invitation to those moving to your area on graduation to contact their local Sqn. Poss with A4 colour poster. (FREE)

Get interview with CO and TA soldier's employer in local Chamber of Commerce Magazine. (FREE, Speak to SaBRE)

Advertising on, Contact Chris Garner 07770 686809 For a 100x100 px banner ad to appear for two months on the left hand side of They are getting 5.8m hits a week and 75% of the surfers are in a 12 mile radius of Manchester. (£2000 + VAT)

Beer Mats for Student Unions: Prices for 10k pcs, 2 sides:-

2-cols £42.00 /1000 3-cols £46.10/1000 4-cols £49.29/1000

MCFC Programme 4387667 Danny Wilson

½ page ad £600 + VAT in match programme ½ page ad £700 +VAT in MCFC Glossy magazine (contact MEN who produce it) Stand on match day £5000 (inc coverage on scoreboard and 1 page in match programme)

Bus shelter ads (JCDecaux). Adverts in Bus stops at end of Norman Rd/Oxford Rd £150 + VAT per week per panel. Just need artwork, printing cost approx £33 + VAT.

Attend 999 night at local Jobs Centre. (FREE)

Compile list of 6th Form colleges and see if they would like a TA presentation on their outside speakers presentations afternoons. (FREE)


look at advertising on, and,

Chefs: Ask your local catering college if you could come and do a stand at the college, or whether you could bus some of the trainee chefs to the TAC. Get your chefs to set up a field kitchen and prepare a presentation about being a chef in the TA, emphasizing the diversity of function (field conditions to Mess Dos), the civilian skills they can get, the military training they will receive and how good that will look on their CV - and you can give them references for their first and subsequent jobs. I believe that Grantham will help out with RLC flyers etc. Then tell them about all the other stuff they can do with the TA and sign them up as a group to go through basic training together and then serve with you as combat catering commandos. (FREE)

Look for 'outdoors' exhibitions for a recruiting stand. e.g. Earls Court Outward Bound Exhibition

Contact local Junior Chamber of Commerce to give TA Officer presentation

Sponsor TA forum on ARRSE


Media facility at TAFS1, get DJs from local radio to come along and do an outside broadcast. Get Student newspapers down to do a feature. (FREE)

Contact ACF PR Unit to find out when they are running their excellent PR weekends and get people booked on them. (FREE)

Check letter sent from Arcade to potential recruits asks them to invite a friend along with them. (FREE)

Write web page for local companies of 250+ (get list from local Chamber of Commerce) to place on their intranets. (FREE)

The internet offers us excellent opportunities to indulge in a spot of Viral Marketing

  • Send an email to 2 people who you know well (must be personal, mustn't be spam!!!) and who you think woud be good candidates to join the TA
  • Give them a link to your own recruitment web-site, eg.
  • Ask them to forward the email to 2 people who they know well (must be personal, mustn't be spam!) with the request that they do the same.


Produce PR plan, with press releases for camp, promotions etc.

The wife of an NCO took it upon herself to use her professional skills for the benefit of the sub-unit, and telephoned businesses and public organisations and got agreement for over 30 to put up our posters. Huge thanks and telephone calls to that effect.

Idea - Tell people who agree to put up posters that you have a timescale. Get their names and addresses, write to say thank you, tell them to take the poster down and ask if another (provided of course) can be put up in x months time for y weeks. It seemed to work for us. Who else bothers to thank them? Also go small. Size is NOT everything (as I tell Mrs GH). An A4 poster will be agreed to far more readily than an A3 one.

Posters - Where will people of the right age group see them? 'Hello, we want to recommend an Off-Licence to our soldiers. It is free. We don't want money from you. We will advertise your Off-Licence to our 100 (not yet at any rate) soldiers, families and friends. As this is free, would you like us to do this or do I walk up the road to the next one? Fine... name, telephone number etc, by the way can we put up this small (A4) poster for the next y weeks? I have blu tac, just here?' It works. And with a thank you letter (as above) it is repeatable/sustainable. Note: At no point did I say 'sole' recommendation' - so every Off-Licence then.

Weather forecast from an exercise. (FREE)

Hold Jazz night social in the TAC, with student bands. (TBC)

Graduate Recruitment Fair Manchester. (3x2m stand £400+VAT)

Advertise in Metro Lisa Wise 0161 279 4004. Metro's Features and the different opportunities available,


Car Boot Sale at TAC. (FREE)

Hold blood donation session at TAC - great PR opportunity. (FREE)

Speak to local RMR unit to get list of those who did not join from their recruiting w/e.

Contact local Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme Co-ordinator with a view to inviting them to a Mess function.

Run a stand and tug of war competition at a number of summer fetes

Include a 20 minute drill session for the recruits on the night they returned to complete paperwork, was met with universal praise by the recruits. I think they FEEL they have joined the Army and become part of a team. Next week, putting up a basha - hands on and irrelevant if they get called away to do the crucial paperwork.


Presentations at companies / professional institutions Take employers along! (FREE)

Contact local CCF/ACF/ATC units to see how we can help them out and whether they have any cadets who would like to join the TA. (FREE)

  • Identify suitable exercises to take cadets on (possibly as enemy).
  • Regular tours of TAC and training centres, with access to training equipment that can stand up to rough handling - as used for recruits.
  • Inviting them along to parades, involving them in regimental days and events to make them feel part of the show.
  • TA staff helping with training, especially with 3/4 stars.
  • Inviting adults in TA and ACF into each others mess and bars to stimulate discussion and form working relationships.
  • Appointed a Cadet/TA liaison person to act as a go between and keep communications open.
  • Donating the old equipment you longer need or defunct but usable by the cadets as a training tool.
  • Donating buckshee clothing

Run a postcard recruiting campaign using a pre-paid reply service.


Manchester Show. (TBC)

Manchester Mela. (TBC)

Freshers Fair: I was recruited while at my freshers week in my first year at uni. There was a small stand but it attracted a lot of attention. It was however a new, very small, campus in Cornwall.

The key was a big stack of tins of baked beans with a new label stuck on the outside with all the joining info. I still have mine somewhere. Uni students will go for anything with free food. (Cost of stand and several slabs of beans)

Check website is up to date. (FREE)

Find local video/DVD rental shop and see if they will put a flyer in the blank case they give the rental videos/DVDs out in.

Sponsor a drinks stand at the Manchester Marathon

Produce a plastic recruiting card like this and offer a free pint in the bar if they bring the card in and listen to the recruiting presentation - then re-use the card. Give 2 or 3 to every soldier to carry while out running to give to people of the right age bracket they see running past.



MMU: Feature in Pulp Magazine Advertising at MMU

Advertising on Banner ads cost £20 per 1000 shows

Ethnic Diversity Fair. (2.5x2m £950+VAT)

OTC selection w/e. Chase up list of those not selected for a personal invitation to a beer + curry night at the TAC. (MTDs)

Put flyers into local OTC for those who missed the selection w/e, want to join, but won't wait for the selection w/e next year. (FREE)

Order business cards with calendar on the back (makes it useful for a whole year)


Check next years City/Borough Council/Unitary Authority/Uni Job Fair dates. (FREE)

Liaise with Army Graduate Recruitment Team re dates for Interviews at Bolton University. (FREE)

Design new leaflets for other Btys (Prices from: (5000, DL, double-sided, full colour flyers - £167))

Complete list of local business / community leaders. (FREE)

Produce new recruiting business card for all soldiers to carry. (£100)

Identify dates of local shows for next year. (FREE)

Contact OTC with list of Ex dates for suitable candidates. (FREE)

Think about how to get media involved. Compile list of contacts for Student newspapers, BBC Lancashire, (FREE)

OC to invite Military Education Committee to hold meeting at Sqn then supper with CO and Hon Col and Offrs. (£100)


Liaise with Army Careers Office. (FREE)

Get CRB 'Police Checks' done on recruiting / other personnel to work with young people / Cadets. (TBC)

Officers Mess function for local VIPs, inc Uni Presidents, Student newspaper editors, BEN news Editor, Army Careers Office, Military Education committee, local Consuls, School Careers Advisers, Head of Manchester ACF, local religious leaders. (TBC)

Approach Media Students via local Uni to produce Regt'l promo business card CD. (FREE?)

Another idea is to use TA Liaison Officers (TALOs) in your local AFCO:

If you are going to use a static display

If it's a bunch of idle slacking mongs with their backs to the crowd, who look as if the bergen is down their front, not on their back, then you're screwed.

Recce and plan it properly (and make sure the shopping centre is onside). If the stand is well sited (not stuck in a corner away from passing traffic), properly manned, and encourages a flow of people, you've got a start.

Find the natural salesmen in the troop, use them. If you can find a poster-boy-or-girl who looks like a Warrior God(dess) in a uniform, and makes the passing public go "hey, I want to be like them" then you've cracked it. Dress for the field, not the barracks - TA Cpls who fancy themselves as drill instructors with shiny ammo boots and pace sticks, take note.

Get something tactile, not just a picture board and 6' table. A fully packed bergen (hey, at 30+ kg no-one's going to run very far with it) was a good one for the infantry ("Watch yourself, son, that's heavy..." Cool ;) base the stand around a Landy (which looks as if it's properly loaded, cam nets on roof, antennae fitted, etc). Beware G10 losses; there was a stand that once lost two sets of binos and a prismatic compass, even though they were nominally "tied down"....

Make sure you follow up fast. Close the deal - don't just hand them a leaflet and let them walk off, instead make them feel that they've made an appointment to come and see the TAC. Provide transport if necessary (get PSAO to see RFCA about insurance details for transporting members of public in mil transport). Make sure that your end of the bargain is held up - they walk into a slick, well-run "Open Day" and feel that this is a worthwhile use of their time.