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Also: "Recce" or "Recon"

An inspection, study or exploration of an area or location in order to gather information of military value.

Time spent in it is apparently seldom wasted.

Specialist Units

From time to time the value of reconnaissance is recognized by the British Army which creates specialist units to achieve it:

  • The Reconnaissance Corps was formed in Jan 1941 and was disbanded in Aug 1946. Its role was to provide reconnaissance assets to infantry Divisions.
  • The Special Reconnaissance Regiment was formed in Apr 2005. Answers on a postcard, please.
  • ARRSE Reconnaissance teams are deployed as and when required by campaign ops. They blend in, look totally normal and gather evidence faster that a divorce lawyer in Beverly Hills. If they are watching you, you'd never know as they are unnoticeable (apart from the slab of wifebeater they'll have near to hand).