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Highly skilled and good looking chaps that regardless of danger sit on top of bleak hills ensuring that the radio net remains talking.

IBRU demons and masters of mast erecting these valiant and selfless troops remain admirals of the airwaves and kings of the Clansman. Ignoring the elements, at ease with being DF'ed and content to stag on for weeks on end with just Frankie for company.

Rebro crews soon develop the thousand yard stare... not through hardships of killing the enemy but squinting under a CP light trying to read the stories in Club and Knave.

It's quite easy to identify a returning rebro crew after an exercise or Op... they are pale and shy away from bright lights and have right biceps the size of Brize Norton. Or on the opposite end of the scale, in summer months they are the bronzest of all men, with all over tans due to sunbathing bollocky after remoting all the sets. Their personal weapons have also gathered dust due to them not moving from the unopened CP box for the duration of the exercise

see Rebro Det

Not too dissimilar from Relay Op