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Reasonable Use of Force

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Hmmmmmm... Tough one.

A reasonable use of force sits beneath the line that lawyers might consider as Excessive Use of Force. Couple of problems here. The most force lawyers use is to open stiff bottles of Olives at Dinner parties and have not had to try and get some wild eyed loon to do anything they didn't want to do.

When presented with a soldier who has administered a shoeing in the line of duty to some wild eyed loon he/she (it's hard to tell) will apply the rules of the Clapham cocktail scene and suggest that said Tom was "excessive" in his shoeing technique.

Lawyers don't understand Soldiers but Soldiers understand Lawyers just fine.

That being said no one can take away anyones right (especially a soldiers) to exercise the Common Law of Self Defence. Of course at what level you do this is determined by the circumstances, and Soldiers are trained to stop "red mist" and deliver reasonable force in the execution of their duties or in self defence.

In modern society it is now commonly accepted that for someone to make a legal decision on reasonable use of force all they need to do is watch a few choice clips of TV media showing circumstances out of context and with the Armed forces in a bad light, while holding no military experience at all.

This may now be be changing as long as the wild eyed loon is Islamic. The General public now so terrified by Government policies (or lack thereof) ie ID cards, Stop and search at airports, Police gunning people down for being Brazilian etc that they would probably give the thumbs up to almost anything that involves whacking the Muslim menace.


Civilian reasonable use of force used to involve asking the thug kicking the crap out of you politely to stop. If you failed to use 'Please' and 'Sir' to the thug at least 4 times in your pleading he could sue you for upsetting his gentle soul.

This situation is slowly changing as Labour realize that they have a broken society running out of control and tax paying, economic units (ie you and me) are being killed and costing them tax revenue.

Thus it is that you are now allowed to break the feckers collar bone with a baseball bat if the cunt invades your home and you have the foresight to slip a breadknife from your kitchen into the unconscious pikeys pocket once you have beat the crap out of him. At least thats my plan!