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30mm Gun which is fitted to the Warrior. Is a pain in the arrse to operate due to the first round (6 can be loaded in one go) having to be handcranked into the breech.

The 30mm Rarden Cannon is also fitted to a Scimitar CVR(T). There are three types of ammunition. APDS (Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot) Have a black clip with on hole in it. The tip of the ammunition is blue.

HE (High Explosives) Have a yellow clip with two holes in. The tip of the ammunition is yellow.

PRAC (Practice Rounds) Have a blue clip with three holes in. The tip of the ammunition is blue as per the APDS but have a shorter range for training purposes only.

They come in clips of three and are loaded three clips at a time. The Rarden Cannon must have a another clip loaded after three rounds in order for the mechanism to keep the cycle of self loading going. If the Commander loses count the gun will not load and this will cause what is know as a gap in feed and the gun will need to be made safe, (an unload followed by a load). This in a war time situation could cost the crew its lives and that is why an engagement is usually three rounds.

Tip from the top! Carry some lose rounds to reload after that one round engagement when you used a HE round on some random bloke with an RPG!! Red mist!!