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Rapier Sword

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A long thin bladed sword (with a point but no edge) for civilian self defence in the 1600's.

F-all use in battle so forget all those musketeer movies you've seen where Athos or Aramis kick Huguenot ass with their rapiers!

Carried by Italians (for fighting in the streets of an evening), French musketeers (for fighting the cardinals guard of an evening) and spanish blokes called Inigo Montoya (for killing the barsteward who killed his father).

Viewed as a bit of a puffs weapon by british fencing masters (ie George Silver) who preferred to hack your arms off rather than make neat holes in your doublet (and you).

Led to an even more girlie weapon, the small sword after Elizabeth I decided that they were a bloody nuisance and ordered any lengthly rapiers in government buildings reduced in length ... with a hammer.