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Rank Structure

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  • General - Leaps multi story buildings in a single bound. Runs as fast as a high speed train. Moves faster than a speeding bullet. Walks on water. Sometimes gives policy to GOD.
  • Colonel - Leaps small buildings. Runs as a fast as a speeding bullet in sight. Walks over rivers with the aid of a Life Vest. Talks to GOD.
  • Captain - Clears Nissen huts with favourable winds. Recognises a train two times out of three. Can sometimes fire a weapon. Walks through puddles. Occasionally gets an audience with GOD.
  • Subaltern - Runs into the side of buildings. Says "look at the choo choo". Shouts bang bang. Makes mud castles. Takes "advice" from GOD.
  • SNCO - Lifts small buildings and walks under them. Stops high speed trains with one arm. Catches speeding bullets in his teeth. Freezes water with a single glance. HE IS GOD.
  • Squaddie - Builds the buildings for GOD to lift. Drives the train for GOD to stop. Fires the bullets for GOD to catch. Fetches the water for GOD to freeze. He is the son of GOD