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Commissioned Officers

Junior ranks & Non-Commissioned Officers

Regimental appointments


Smallest to largest:

  • Section — smallest unit of infantry, 6 to 15 men
  • Platoon — smallest tactical unit with an organisational identity, 24 to 50 men
  • Company — consists of several platoons
  • Artillery — Brigade level, but under the command of the Major General at Divisional level
  • Battery — equivalent to the company, 4 to 8 weapons and their crews
  • Battalion — an Infantry Battalion is made up of A, B, C, D, HQ and S Companies
  • Company — 400 to 800 men
  • Battalion Tank — usually 30 to 55 tanks
  • Battalions — they receive Artillery support, but it is not not part of their structure
  • Brigade — 3 battalions which are independent or subordinate to a Division
  • Regiment — an Army formation, a Brigade comprising 3 or 4 Battalions
  • Division — a ground force formation of two or more Brigades or Regiments plus supporting units, often subordinate to multi divisional Corps usually two or more Divisions.

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ukFlag.jpg   British Army rank structure   36px-Flag_of_the_British_Army.svg.png
Commissioned Officer ranks
Second LieutenantLieutenantCaptainMajorLieutenant ColonelColonel
BrigadierMajor GeneralLieutenant GeneralGeneralField Marshal
Junior & Non-Commissioned ranks
PrivateLance CorporalCorporal
SergeantStaff SergeantWarrant Officer Class 2Warrant Officer Class 1