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Ranges come in various flavours. They're usually a bit of countryside with one or more firing points, targets and some sort of backstop to stop rounds hitting the CIVPOP outside the range boundary. They could also be for small arms, tanks, artillery or aircraft bombing.

Some, like Otterburn, Sennybridge, Salisbury Plain and Warcop can be used for most of the above, whereas ranges such as Altcar are only used for small arms training.

Ranges, whatever their type or location, all have one thing in common: they're usually freezing cold, wet, or both. Hythe and Lydd are famously soul destroying - even in summer - and no amount of Range Stew delivered in a Norgie can gladden the heart of one who is in the primary stages of Hypothermia and who also just happens to have shit scores.

The word 'range' also describes the distance a projectile reaches when fired, or the distance a vehicle or aircraft can travel on a full fuel load, or the distance a radar or radio is effective out to.