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A feature of the old ARRSE, much like the Lines book in the Officers' Mess:

  • It should not be forgotten that without the Territorial Army, which provided the essential framework from which could be generated hundreds of battalions, we would not have won either the First or the Second World Wars. Lord Vivien 22 Apr 98
  • If everyone confined themselves to subjects they understood, arrse would be a very dull place. PassingBells
  • JS, you've learned the hard way that there's a fine line between standing on the riverbank and fishing. Flash_Crash
  • "privvy thee to bequest that your lord needs another queen, for this one hath proved tiresome to the point where a goodly casual braying will ne'er do, and i feel the only way to stop that chattling tongue be to depart its f*cking cakehole from its neck forthwith....... the slag" History.... you can reach out and touch it. Shortfuse
  • To Ventress: Good looks and charm are overated, look how far you have got without them. techtechtech
  • My point is that some units definitely see the TA as something that they should be investing in - they will be working alongside them soon. Those that chose not to take a very short-sighted view of the use of the TA, and may suffer more than most with the undeniable training gap. The_Duke
  • "The TA aren't as good as they think they are, and they aren't as bad a regulars think they are" Anon Col (quoted by Nanook_of_the_North)
  • There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves. Will Rogers
  • The only overstretch in the British Army is in the RLC stablebelt! Lt Col Anon (Danielsan)
  • HM armed forces are the best in the World so there should be a secret (probably the most guarded in the UK) how to make a good soldier from literally anybody. KGB_Resident
  • The real problem the Army should be addressing is why the TA is failing to attract and retain the right number and calibre of young, motivated, educated individuals wishing to gain a commission. Mr_Logic
  • The views expressed here may not necessarily be those of anyone.
  • As a very wise man once told me "Fundamentally, medals don't really matter....until, that is, you haven't got one." Anon
  • It's time for a four sense operation: sense of proportion, sense of reality, sense of humour, common sense. SO2 G9, Op TELIC6
  • I joined the army because I wanted to be told what I was doing, when and how. SO2 G9, Op TELIC6
  • And coming from me as a Captain, that's twaddle. Dickie Chaos
  • Atheism is a non-prophet organisation. Anon
  • Before you start wading into an argument with the benefit of at least three years experience just take a moment to have a read of the posts on this topic by many experienced people and try to see things from the perspective of those who have been giving their time and commitment to the service of Queen and country since before you were a glint in your father's eye. Just because the TA is the beast it is today does not mean this is the best use of a valuable and precious resource. HdT
  • It's a Sign of the Times. Wingletang
  • Remember, in a wood, surrounded by a fam visit from the local all-girl A level college, no-one can hear you bluff. RTFQ
  • The army passed over into Flanders and swore horribly. 18th Century diarist
  • "Hey, Mr American, next time before you shout so much you should speak to him. He is British - they know how to invade a country." An Iraqi detainee to an American Officer
  • The TA attended not because of pensions, mobilisation opportunities or pay as such - they came in because they belonged to something of which they were proud and wanted to be part of it on an ongoing basis. There were highs and lows but overall, it was fun and rewarding. stab
  • Good day, Chanaleilles, I am pleased to see you here. This is indeed the place for a gentleman and a soldier. Marshal Canrobert, riding to the front of the 70th
  • If you are in this thing, it is best to be in it to the limit. Alan Seeger
  • Leadership is something that you either have or you don't, irrespective of where you went to school or how much of Devon is contained in one's back garden. selfpreservationsociety
  • On courtesies: If the lady you are slow dancing with is wearing jeans, there may be a chance of you lifting 20 quid out of her back pocket. TaffRidge
  • TA Training, it's not a matter of value for money, it's a matter of value for time.
  • Latest survey shows that 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the world's population. Pharscape81
  • Soldiers have always died on ops. Bullets and bombs have a tendency to kill and maim soldiers. Even if casualty rates were actually higher in Afghan then WWII we'd still have to go out there and crack on. That's what we get paid for; doing our job. Whether we don't like it or don't agree with it is irrelevant. Fallschirmjager
  • A great man once said words to the effect of: "if you think you need a gun, you are exactly the sort of person who shouldn't have one." Ravers
  • In reality, the only farewell that mattered was the one three years earlier from the Jocks, when I handed over the Company. They were the people whose opinion really mattered to me, that's the place and the faces I remember. Gravelbelly