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A Rammstein Lovesong

A rather amusing little beat combo from East Berlin, Germany.

Sometimes called an Industrial Metal band, this kraut 6 piece play loud, repetitive guitar music and rant in triple-entendre German.

During their stage show they use flamethrowers and set off pyrotechnics on a similar scale to the opening day of the Somme Offensive.

Their most melodic love song quite frankly has the same effect as the Nuremberg Rally and would have the most mild mannered, pacifist leading an armoured column into Poland. They are well to the other side of the Nazis yet damn near every song roared out by these 'roiders has the same kick to the martial spirit as the Panzerlied.

Noted easy going Arrsepedian Rabid Hams is rather fond of this band ... and disturbingly refers to his lounge as The Lebensraum.

Also the choice of music of American School/Mall shooters, murderers and the "Trenchcoat Mafia".

Not to be mistook with the US Air Base at Ramstein.

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