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Team Rainbow 1978

Up above the streets and houses: cult children's TV programme from the 1970s.

Notable for being an early exponent of gay and bestial sex, Rainbow nevertheless was a roaring success amongst children and adults alike. Rainbow centred around four main characters: Zippy, an orange muppet-type thing; George, a feeble-minded pink hippo; Bungle, an androgynous human in an obese bear costume; and Jeffrey, the presenter.

Jeffrey, contrary to popular belief, was not a raging hom, but rather a confused alcoholic that had trouble separating reality from the fantasy nightmare that was Rainbow. Rumours persist to this day whether Jeff was 'batting for Middlesex'... if you knao wot ah meen?

Rainbow had its own 'in-house' turn: the legendary Rod, Jane & Freddy. This trio were straight out of a Rodox mag, an uncanny similarity which no doubt increased the ratings to orbital proportions when the show was at its height. If Jane wasn't getting pumped by the rest of the cast then I'm Welsh (which I ain't).

Rainbow was typically watched by:

  • Kids on the wag from school
  • Blokes on the sick from work
  • Dole merchants
  • Young officers (as a training aid)
  • The terminally ill

See also Jeffrey, George, Zippy, Bungle and Rod, Jane and Freddy. You might also want to have a look at Children's Club - the peace-loving Islamic version of an otherwise harmless television programme.