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1st Battalion, The Royal Welsh

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The 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh recruits from the whole of Wales. The Battalion has a history of more than three hundred years, and is proud of its Welsh identity and is the oldest infantry battalion in Wales.

There has never been a better time to join the Battalion. We are a modern infantry battalion in the Light Role. One of the two Welsh battalions of The Royal Welsh of The Prince Of Wales's Division. The battalion is based in the Sovereign Base Area of Cyprus. (Learn more about Cyprus)

The 1st Battalion returned to the UK from a challenging tour to Iraq in 2004 having helped to conduct the first democratic elections held in the country since the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime. Having helped to train troops destined for the next deployment to Iraq the focus shifted to the pre-deployment training for Northern Ireland. The time was spent on highlighting the difference between a deployment to Northern Ireland and a deployment to Iraq and concentrating on individual and team training before building to multiple and company training.

Up to the Challenge?

The Battalion's deployment to South Armagh in September 2005 was historic, as we were the last in the British Army to conduct an emergency tour to Northern Ireland and were responsible for the closure of several of the now infamous bases and watch towers along the Armagh border. Our role was to to support the Police Service of Northern Ireland. Police confidence grew so that by the end of the tour they were able to patrol alone in areas such as Newtonhamilton and Crossmaglen when only six months earlier it would have been considered too dangerous to do so. The Battalion also conducted major operations to facilitate the closure of illegal trading in the area of Jonesborough market, an area synonymous with not only illegal trading but with fundraising for terrorist activity.

The Battalion returned from the Province in January 2006 and immediately began preparations for the move to Cyprus and the Formation Parade in Cardiff on 1st March.

Moving to Cyprus in April 2006 brings new challenges as the Battalion takes on responsibility for permanently guarding key installations, providing two four month deployments to the Falkland Islands, providing the short notice reserve for Iraq and taking part in a challenging Exercise in Jordan. The opportunities for low level section, platoon and company training are excellent, especially the live firing packages in the Falklands and in Jordan, adventurous training facilities for water sports and skiing are second to none.

In September 2008 the Battalion is due to return to a permanent base in Dale Barracks in Chester.