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Regional Training Centre

Open invitation to wonky_donky, ScotsmanRicky, FFBox, sweatysock, sadsacks and theonethatknows (and anyone else I've missed) to tell the world what a good one looks like. Over to you gents...

Regional Training Centre (RTC). Is a TA training unit that delivers training courses to all TA and Regular units in their admin area. In Scotland it is split into 3 wings.

1). Specialist Training Team. Delivers instructional course to TA & Regular personel.

2). Officer Training Wing. Selects, Prepares and Instructs TA Potential Officers.

3). Phase 1 Training Wing. Conducts Common Military Syllabus(R) Training for all TA recruits within the Bde area.

For more info (Scotland) Click here [1]

ps. we are also open to invitation from all units to assist in training. (bribes are accepted)