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Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant

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In an infantry battalion, the Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS) is the second most senior soldier (after the Regimental Sergeant Major). In this case, typically a G3-head who has successfully avoided all jobs suspiciously close to blanket stacking, and as a result is at a huge disadvantage on their Q-course.......

Refered to as Q, right hand man to the RSM and fills in for him when hes away, much to the lads happiness!

Answers to CO and QM, and keeps 2Lts in their place with advice and guidance when they come into the clothing store for a new beret. NO!

Badge of rank of a crown surrounded by laurel wreath with a regimental backing colour if he has one.

Normally two in a major unit: Maint and Tech, one works the other doesnt.