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RMCS Shrivenham

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As well as being a Forces logistics/Management/Engineering college, the campus also welcomed civvy students as part of it's affiliation to Cranfield University. The infamous radiology degree course providing most, if not all, of the female population of the campus. Being an ex-student there, as a civvy or perhaps one should say "Shrivvy", allowed one to savour some of the sometimes dubious pleasures of the life in H.M armed forces without getting up for PT at stupid-o'clock in the morning. Other luxuries included observing various tanks rolling past during lectures, revising to the sound of heavy machine-gun fire, and enjoying the subsidised tax-free mess bar. Sadly, with the completion of the Joint Services Command and Staff College, these times are no more.

Oneshot was a Military student there and had to endure the early morning PT sessions and Drill sessions. They were "character building" especially after college club the night before! Also had to put up with extra lectures in the evening on some random stuff that the junior officers felt the need to tell us to make them look good! The mess bars were a god send, especially as a warm up to the college club.

Normally great boundaries came up between Military and civilian students, and also between Welbexians and everyone else, there were a few who bucked the trend however.

This can be where most people say they have been to 'nam.