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RLC Military Skills Competition

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November is a wretched time of year for most fresh faced Subalterns of the RLC. Each year junior officers of the RLC are harangued by their CO's to raise a team of soldiers to compete against other units of the RLC on the bogging training area of Pirbright. The purpose of the competition is to test the training standard of the units taking part and to fill the Regimental silver cabinet with shiny new objects of wonder.

The event is held at Deepcut every November and is open to both Regular and Territorial Major and Minor units. The Regulars compete for the Gore Trophy whilst the Territorials compete for the Lamb Trophy.

The competition consists of the assault course, followed by a march and shoot with falling plate. The rest of the event is a navex around the wonderfully pleasant Pirbright training area with some military skills stands thrown in.

In recent years the TA competition has been won by 383 Cdo Pet Tp RLC(V) which does tend to make entry into the competition rather dull for the average line Transport Regiment. This has led to the balance being shifted towards the Major Unit Trophy (If anybody can find the Trophy that is as it has been missing for four years now) as the must have prize as 383 Cdo Pet Tp RLC(V) have no chance of winning it as they are only a minor unit.