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Royal Engineers

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RE.jpg Royal Engineers

The Sappers are the true jack of all trades going everywhere and turning their hands to pretty much everything. Many other corps have been spawned from the RE such as the R Signals, REME and AAC.

The RE can trace their history back to William the Conqueror's invasion of 1066, a full 600 years before the New Model Army became the British Army.


  • Mobility. Helping friendly forces get to where they want across natural and man made obstacles
  • Counter-Mobility. Stopping the enemy going where he wants by enhancing natural and creating man made obstacles.
  • Survivability. Helping friendly forces live.

Royal Engineer Roles

  • Close Support. Working in the Contact Zone for Bdes and BGs. Close support units will be equipped and organised to meet the role of the Formations they support but will usually consist of a mix of soft skin and armoured vehicles including specialist Engineer Equipment.
  • General Support. Working out of contact providing specialist support for Close Support units and thier close support to the logistical chain.
  • Air Support. Working for the RAF building runways and other facilities that they require.
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Provision of support in UK and on operations.
  • Geographic. Providing mapping and geospatial support across defence.
  • Infrastructure Engineering. Designing and supervising the construction of all manor of very complicated things that the rest of their Corps would not understand.

Royal Engineers Regiments - Regular Army

Independent Sub-Units


Royal Engineers TA

Training Units

The majority of training for Royal Engineers is provided at the Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) which is spread across two sites and consists off:

Other training establishments providing training for Royal Engineers include:

Specialist Units

Royal Engineer Equipments

Usually odd looking and misunderstood by friendly forces and easily identifiable and priority targets for the enemy.

  • ChAVRE - Chieftan Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers. Funny looking tank supposed to help with mobility and counter mobility tasks but really provides source of employment for REME.
  • ChAVLB - Chieftan Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge. A tank with a bridge instead of a turret designed to lay bridges in the face of the enemy but also provides employment for REME.
  • VLSMS - Vertical Launched Scatterable Minefield System.
  • ABLE - Automated Bridge Launching Equipment.
  • MGB - Medium Girder Bridge. A heavy bridge system traditionally built by hand.
  • GSB - General Support Bridge. A heavier bridge system built using ABLE.
  • LSB - Logistic Support Bridge. A really heavy bridge system built using a crane and a very heavy mallet when it doesn't quite fit.
  • M3 Amphibious Bridge - Close Support Bridge consisting of units (known as 'Rigs') which can drive on land, have good X-country ability and can float to form ferries or link to form floating bridges.
  • Barmine layer - Antiquated mechanical anti tank minefield laying system that achieves its effect by causing the enemy to break down in fits of hysterics whenever they see it deployed.
  • Monkey - implement used to drive 6' pickets into the ground also known as a thumper
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