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Royal Corps of Transport

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RCT.jpg Royal Corps of Transport

Formed from the ranks of the Royal Army Service Corps and the Movement Control Service of the Royal Engineers, the Corps was responsible for all forms of Army transport from pack mule, staff cars, trucks, trains, hovercraft and ships. They also provided Air Despatchers for RAF aircraft and movement staff to control the movement of vehicles, equipment and personnel between theatres on operations and exercises.


The Royal Corps of Transport consisted of a number of different specialist trades. Trades in the RCT included:

  • Air Dispatcher
  • Driver/Radio Operator
  • Clerk
  • Driver (Staff Car)
  • Driver (HGV 1, 2 & 3)
  • Driver Tank Transporter
  • Movement Controller (previously referred to as Traffic Operator)
  • Port Operator
  • Railwayman
  • Seaman
  • Marine Engineer
  • Pilot - Hovercraft

RCT personnel served with

  • Airborne Forces (63 Para Sqn RCT)
  • Royal Marines (Commando Logistic Regt (CDOLOG Regt)
  • Special Duties Teams in Northern Ireland
  • The RCT provided the first Service Support Officer to command 22 SAS (Brigadier Andrew Massey CO 22 SAS 1984 - 87)

The RCT was amalgamated with the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Royal Pioneer Corps, Army Catering Corps, and the Postal and Courier Service of the Royal Engineers, to form the RLC in 1993.