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Royal Army Medical Corps

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RAMC.jpg Royal Army Medical Corps


The Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) (formed in 1898, although it can trace it's origins to 1660) is a specialist corps in the British Army which provides medical services to all British Army personnel and their families in war and in peace. Together with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, the Royal Army Dental Corps and Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, the RAMC forms the British Army's essential Army Medical Services.

The RAMC does not carry a Regimental Colour or Queen's Colour, although it has a Regimental Flag. Nor does it have battle honours, as elements of the corps have been present in almost every single war the army has fought. Because it is not a fighting arm, under the Geneva Conventions, members of the RAMC may only use their weapons for self-defence. For this reason, there are two traditions that the RAMC perform when on parade:

Officers do not draw their swords - instead they hold their scabbard with their left hand while saluting with their right.

Other Ranks do not fix bayonets.

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