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RAF Police Dog

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Generally speaking RAF Police dogs fall into two categories:

The sniffer dog who is generally an amiable cuddly Labrador who can detect Ganja, Semtex and other substances through a three foot thick concrete wall (and sometimes takes a disturbing interest in your groin)


the Alsatian or German Shepherd who is so vicious that on occasions he has been known to actually bite off the testicles of his own RAF Dog Handler. Regularly known as the "Brain on a chain" or "Hope on a rope" some RAF Police Dogs actually out-rank their handlers as most Snowdrops are acting Corporals while their canine buddies are Sgts or even Flight Sgts.

RAF Police Dogs cost more to train and maintain than their handlers and non-canine colleagues, a fact that speaks volumes about Snowdrops.

Some Dog handlers form very strong relationships with their animals and on one or two occasions have been up in front of the beak for Conduct Prejudicial To The Good Order And Discipline Of Her Majesty's Royal Air Force. At least it puts the Welsh into perspective.