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Queen's UOTC

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If Carlsberg did OTCs....

QUOTC is the the only OTC in Northern Ireland. It is based in Tyrone House, Malone Road, Belfast. It recruits from both the Queens University Belfast (oddly enough) and the University of Ulster.


The Queens University Officer Training Corps, was formed in 1908 By Captain H B Cunningham and will be celebrating its centenary in October 2008.

Its most famous member was Blair "Paddy" Mayne one of the founders of the SAS and the most highly decorated member of the British Army during World War II.


It consists of Three Companys, HQ, B for Basic and A for Advanced.

B Coy is further subdivided into 3 Platoons which are:

  • Mayne
  • Sleeman
  • Purdon

All named after famous ex members.

A Coy is Divided into 3 Platoons:

  • Montgomery
  • Sandhurst
  • Alanbrooke (Currently defunct)


The Corps head dress is the Caubeen with blue hackle and the stable belt is black, navy and green, both of which are awarded on completion of MTQ1.

It is constantly being broken into by unknown individuals who make extremely bad attempts to rob the place (Sinn Fein?)

Being situated in Northern Irish Universities, which have strong Sinn Fein Youth movements, protests of "stop British Army,OTC Recruitment in our universities" have proved a hindrance in the past whilst recruiting.

[1] The Queen's University Officers' Training Corps


On its most recent deployment to Cyprus the corps' retainment figures were hit after promises of counting turtles with cans of keo and parachuting were shattered by being stuck in RAF Akrotiri painting shitters.

The QUOTC has been banned by the Manx Parliament from setting foot in the Isle of Man after a drinking binge at an annual camp during the 1940s in which a number of OCDTs striped off and paraded through the capital naked!