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Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal

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Jubilee Medal 2002

Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal 2002. With over 360,000 issued, this is still the most prolific issue of its type (at least until Feb 2012). Also referred to as the Mong Gong or, in the age-old military tradition of making something sound more ally than it really is, the 'Battle of Jubilee Medal'.


Cupro-nickel with a gilt finish and circular in shape. The obverse of the medal shows the crowned effigy of Queen Elizabeth. The reverse bears a shield of the Royal Coat of Arms surmounted by a Crown and flanked by the dates '1952' and '2002'.

Frankly - it looks gash. The medal is obviously smaller than normal ones, so sits very oddly if you've got them court-mounted, and the finish seems to have been sponsored by a chocolate manufacturer. Which is odd, because it does contain real gold (just not very much!)


A narrow central stripe of red, flanked each side by a narrow stripe of white, a broad stripe of blue and a further narrow stripe of red.

Qualifying criteria

Awarded (MoD) to personnel of the Regular, Reserve and Cadet forces who were in effective service on 6 February 2002, who had completed 5 full calendar years reckonable service and were properly enlisted on or before 7 February 1997. Also to various emergency service workers and the royal household (including the 2 young Princes - who much to some Arrsers' surprise, therefore each had a gong before they turned up to the factory.)