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Grammatically incorrect and absurdly titled defence company created from the meaty bits of the government agency that was DERA. Flogged for a song by our glorious leaders TCB and Cyclops, QinetiQ should have been a windfall for the UK Taxpayer.

Instead, in another fabulous show of financial mis-management equalled only by the gold reserves fiasco, senior Civil Serpents got rich, the lower orders got screwed and Joe Public got nothing.

The initial rip off of the taxpayer is compounded by the the fact that facilities formerly owned and operated by the crown for the benefit of the nation are now run by a private company who, as virtually all defence contractors habitually do, are merrily overcharging for everything in order to benefit their shareholders. I mean that's what's important obviously, who cares if soldiers die because there isn't money for equipment? Certainly not the government.

Apparently their internal security is so bad that secrets walk out the door every day.

If you must find out more about this defence company, their website is here and this wiki page has other useful info.