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MLA for Quasi Autonomous Non Governmental Organisation

Contrary to popular belief, a quango is not a South American bird or a fruit. A quango is generally a semi-government-appointed cabal of self-congratulatory political back slappers that are funded by the government - not much unlike a Think Tank or a Focus Group: self-serving, self-regulating and pretty much self-appointed.

Inevitably well paid to the point of obscenity, it's nice work if you can get it - which you invariably won't, unless you tick all the right diversity boxes, in which case they'll be shitting themselves in case you sue their institutionally racist white arses. Occasionally found advertised in Jobzilla, but not very often, as it's jobs for the boys... and gals.

More here: Quango

One could have hours of fun making up one's own Quango using the following words:

  • Advisory
  • Agency
  • Authority
  • Awareness
  • Board
  • Community
  • Commission
  • Council
  • Disability
  • Diversity
  • Enterprise
  • Group
  • Initiative
  • Integrated
  • Outreach
  • Policy
  • Resources
  • Strategy

Now type your efforts in to Google and see if they exist. e.g. Integrated Policy Awareness Advisory Commission. You will be quite surprised to find more than a few actually do - and all costing the Taxpayer millions in the process. Marvellous!


It should be noted that Islington Council's CDI does not actually exist... yet. But it does illustrate just how simple it is to dream something up, knock up a quick logo on MS Paintbox and think up a mission statement - and all without wasting shit-loads of cash and then stiffing the taxpayer for the design and development costs.