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Pull a Pig

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Usually the result of getting wnakered. If you're not too drunk to perform, suitable for playing the Rodeo game. We've all been there.

This sport tends to occur at two distinct times. The first is a well organised and officered event when everyone is going out on the last and everybody has to "Pull a Pig". the senior officer (The Drinks Master) determines who has broken the rules and pulled someone not ugly enough and distributes fines appropriatly!

The second time is when it's 2am and you're being kicked out of the club, you need someone to finish the night with. Unfortunatly, all the fit women have been pulled and you're left with the Trolls who no one else wanted!

Some would say that "Pull a Pig" is the same as "Pull an ARRSE-Maidens" but I wouldn't like to suggest it!