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Pub Crawl

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Not much else to do in Glasgow ...

A pub crawl is one of those acts of manhood (like cooking on the barbecue or leaving the toilet seat up) that cannot be resisted. Put simply it is the the act of one or more people drinking a small number of drinks in a large number of pubs in a single night. Apparently this has been going on since the 19th century - Napoleon didnt invade all those countries ... he and some close bezzers were simply on a Europe wide pub crawl!

Traditionally the pub crawlers walk between pubs or (in the later stages) stagger or indeed (on some occasions where honour or bragging rights are at stake) literally crawl. Some cities ie Glasgow have a tradition of pub crawls using the underground with a visit to a pub at each station. This is relatively easy with the small number of stations on the Glasgow Circle underground (15). Try that on the London underground (274 stations)and it will either a) kill you or b) take some time!

Sometimes the route can get circular (as in Glasgow) with the crawlers trying for maximum number of laps (ie the Wokingham Waster) or many be linear (Rose Street in Edinburgh ... where its distance along the street that marks the success of the crawl).

With cheap flights to European destinations, pub crawls in foreign cities are very popular. Today crawling around Prague is old hat and you have to head for Krakow, Iceland, Gdansk, Riga, Vilnius or even Ljubljana! Just dont piss off the foreign police, many have had sense of humour bypasses, and for feck sake take note of your hotel's address. "Hotelo, cheapo, on hillo" is not going to get you useful directions from Johnny Foreigner.

Sadly pub crawls constitutes binge drinking (unless its women doing it when its minge drinking) and is currently frowned upon by HM Plod and HM government (but apart from ripping off the taxpayer, what dont they frown upon?). It will probably be made illegal or taxed or indeed both in the next budget.

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