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Allo Mum, fancy seeing you here!

Least reputable member of the sex trade who offers sexual services in exchange for money ... a bit like your mum. Second oldest profession on the planet implying that the oldest is pimp.

This lady of negotiable affection may be in business for herself or have a manager (the pimp).

Under current zaNU-Labour plans to stamp out prostitution (something no government has EVER managed in 4000 years of recorded history) it will be assumed that every hooker is an oppressed, sex slave. Thus at a stroke anyone visiting a Ho is now a human trafficker and can have all his possessions seized ... which is a bit much for a hand job or a knee trembler up an alley. You can tell that Home Secretary Jaqui 'Stasi' Smith and the man hating, hypocritical feminist Harriet Harperson are behind this shoite cant you?

I didn't know that's what my mum did for a living - you learn something new every day!! I thought she worked nights down at the local bottling plant and is that why I look totally different to my sister?? Oooo err!!

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