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Princess Dozy's Own Streetwalkers

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A highly elite unit of leafleteers, bezzerers, malingerers and the criminally friendly... but they do scrub up well.

Deployed by ARRSE High Command during Operation Nimby 07 on the streets of Ashtead to press the flesh.


Its unknown exactly how this unit is configured but it does deploy its main body with great rapidity hinting perhaps at either Air mobile or bus/train passes.

Has a mechanized formation consisting of a RMP on a tricycle towing a billboard ... more commonly referred to as the Monkey on a Trike.

Also has a secretive and highly trained reconnaissance unit. Details are sketchy about the make up of this unit, although it is believed to consist of Army and RAF personnel. Navy personnel are not used as they tend to sway about the pavement and attract attention. Marines have a tendency of getting naked.


Known members:

Lt Colonel DozyBint, Tigs2, Saintstone, Northern Sange, Sven, Berlin, Fred_Karno, Farmboy, Pies, Liz_the_nurse & her blerk, .Dolly, Aristander, Mikal, Cyclops246, The Kurgen, PuD!, Gremlin, TheSnake, Jack-Daniels, Aristander, BlotBangRub, Woolyback and the terrible twins, Dunservin, Hydrajoe, Kermit, Milsum, Stilts and IrishDoris, Rockape, Smudge, Jeff and the ladies of the Parachute Regiment Association.