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Prince Charles

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Ol’ Big Ears

A contentious chap who's viewed as either a big-eared muppet or a misunderstood genius with ideas far ahead of his time. Whatever, he's the future King of England, and what is more... he's Airborne! Craphats beware.

Some would say he is only just beaten to the prize of least publicly suitable royal by Prince Phillip. He did, however, famously called Nicholas Witchell of the BBC 'an awful man', in a photo call whilst he was on holiday with his two sons - a rather accurate description by all accounts. He also described the Chinese politburo as 'appalling old waxworks'.

HRH the Prince of Wales has a penchant for talking to plants - and to be fair, after a slab of Wifebeater who doesn't? He also has controversial views on modern art and 'monstrous carbuncles', so no argument there either.

The bottom line is that Charlie boy is Colonel-in-Chief of just about every regiment and corps in the British Army and more than a few Commonwealth outfits too. So... be nice and don't be horrible. He's a nice bloke... really. Don't believe all that tosh you've heard from that snivelling toady Paul Burrell about toothpaste.

And he has earned the wings

From the Telegraph, Monday 04 June 2012:

On being appointed Colonel-in-Chief of The Parachute Regiment in April 1977, a few months before he turned 30, the Prince volunteered to undergo parachute training. He joined paratroopers for several weeks of basic ground training and then carried out a series of eight jumps from a Hercules wearing a PX4 parachute from a height of 800 feet, jumping on to Weston-on-the-Green in Oxfordshire. In an interview with Jonathan Dimbleby 15 years later he commented that he could not "look them in the eye" or wear The Parachute Regiment's famous beret and wings badge unless he had done the course.