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Pre Deployment Training

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The Theory

The theory behind Pre Deployment Training (PDT) is that a force (of whatever size, but usually a Battle Group or similar) can train in near-theatre real situations, supported by theatre real sensors, shooters and so on, in order to be much better prepared for the forthcoming Op. Many experienced soldiers find this amusing.

The Reality

The reality is somewhat different. Due to ridiculous cutbacks and the seeming inability of various maniacs throughout defence, the programme actually heats up just before PDT in order to ensure that the guys get properly fucked around. Added to this are byzantine range planning conferences where no-one really seems to know who is in charge, a wholescale lack of essential kit that blokes need to qualify on, and a never ending raft of 'perfect training opportunities' that promise so much, yet....

It is generally accepted as an article of faith that the Worst PDT Ever was that 'run' by HQ 20 Armd Bde for Op TELIC 3 in mid-2003. Just awful.

The Future

PDT is now owned by GOC 6 Div so find a good seat and watch the fireworks.