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Ah... the fair city of Praha. Situated on the banks of the Vltava river, this classical metropolis is likely to become the next Ibiza - but without the sun. Unsullied for decades due to the manacles of the Soviet bear, Prague is now the default stag party capital of Europe, and as such is full of drunken Brits causing all manner of trouble with the bewildered authorities. Ambassadors to a man. No doubt the locals wish the wall was going back up. But then again, maybe not.

Oddly lacking in hot Eastern European babes when I was there. Good likelihood they are all working down my local Witherspoons as barmaids or doing seasonal work about the UK.

Note for Visitors...

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office report, entitled British Behaviour Abroad, quantifies the key problems encountered overseas every year. Countries were surveyed between April 1 2005 and March 31 2006... and the most dangerous place to go?

The Czech Republic tops the rankings of where people are disproportionately likely to need consular assistance. In the Czech Republic during that period about 445 Britons lost their passports, compared with 391 in Greece, despite Greece receiving 2,443,000 British visitors compared with the republic's 813,000. The report also shows that 51 Britons needed to go to hospital while visiting the Czech Republic, compared with 73 in America - though 4,116,000 Britons visited the US. And its all thanks to the Stag/Hen parties in Prague!