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Potential Officer

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A Potential Officer or PO is someone who feels they have what it takes to become an Officer in the British Army. They are Hosted on FAM Visits by various Regiments and Corps, in a hope that they will chose them (or not) for their future career.

Many are called - few are chosen. What is clear is that money and position in the World will get you nowhere - well, unless your Mum happens to the Queen in which case, pick your service. Oh, sorry Edward...

For the successful few, the glittering gates of Sandhurst await - but that's a totally different story... Easily identifiable around universities across the country. Often members of the Young Conservatives Society or the same Polo Club as Prince Charles's friend's uncle's gardener's half brother in law. Look for complete lack of facial expression or gormlessness and ability to point out the fcuking obvious. Can often be recognised by webbed fingers, tweed and a laugh that sounds like a hippo receiving Oral sex.

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