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Postal Courier Service

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Postie's are here there we are everywhere. Our home depot is still at Mill Hill, but is due to move to RAF (Crab air) Northolt in 2007. Wherever the Forces are we are too, send mail to BFPO's then we sort it and deliver it to its final destination. Don't really mind what people call us postie, stamp licker there are a few more colourful ones, but that's usually from blokes that have not received any mail for a while.

LOSERS! We've got op units in UK that deploy both on ongoing ops and with Spearhead units. Our motto with the RE was 'Ubique', and now like the rest of the RLC 'We Sustain'. Without the Really Large Corps, then very few British military units could be deployed or fight. There aren't many of us who care what people think of us, as we know that without us the rest of the army would be up a creek without a paddle. WE ROCK!!