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Which way are we going again?

Supposedly comes from the term "Port Out Starboard Home" where rich people would change the side of the ship their cabin was on to ensure that they had the sun for as much of their journey as possible.

Actually it was to have the least sun on their journey, as it was "Port Out" to India and "Starboard Home" to Blighty which would leave you, for the most part, on the north side of the boat. In those days a suntan was not stylish (In the same way Burberry and Von Dutch is today) because it was the lower classes who had to work outdoors and so sported a tan.

Some Arrse users, such as Flowers, can be described as posh. Allegedly they are also better in bed as discussed at length in this ARRSE thread. (better boil the kettle and get the biccies out, its a long one)


The nickname of the scrawny, untalented, arrogant, pouty, breast implanted wife of David Beckham.