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Porridge with strawberry

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A relatively recent addition to the gourmet experience that is compo. Whilst perhaps not exactly bon palette for true porridge connoisseurs (insofar as it is possible to actually be a connoisseur of essentially grains boiled with gusto in water/milk/tears of virgins) or the Scots, this breakfast item has the potential to become the food of the gods themselves on colder mornings as a result of a pleasing combinations of having a similar density to a typical peat bog as well as enough sugar content to kick any diabetic into hyperglycemic shock at fifty paces. Combine with additional sugar (further increasing the effective pancreatic disabling effect) and/or hot chocolate powder for a breakfast approaching that of Corned Beef Hash avec Brown Sauce in gastronomic excellence.

CAUTION: mixing with too little water will result in the powdery mass stripping the typical human body of every ounce of water, subsequently passing it the other end with ring tearing force.