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Porridge Wog

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Porridge Wog is a nickname for a Scotsman. See also Jockanese.

A Porridge Wog

Wha‘s like us?

There are many traditional stories around about the tight fisted nature of Porridge Wogs however I have never met one that is over 5 feet 6 tall who is anything other than generous to a fault. However, I have yet to meet one under 5 feet 6 tall who would buy a drink for anyone. This strange breed of Dwarf Porridge Wog has an amazing sense of balance due to the possession of a chip on each shoulder. Usually GWAR.

Whilst the common or garden full size Porridge Wog is an open minded life and soul of the party the Dwarf Porridge Wog never tires of telling you how great Scotchland is yet he never has the decency to bugger off back there and leave us all in peace.

As a Scot I thought I should review the above for accuracy: I am 6'1", willing to stand my round, agree I have a chip on both shoulders, am willing to bore the shi-ite out of any non-scots about how great Scotland. Looks like there is some truth in the above. :o) See also: abacus (only if he's shrunk)

Highlander - a series of fantasy films about a Porridge Wog


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