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Pork Chops

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Along with the gringo 'tache, a decent set of porkies are de rigeur amongst a certain ilk, i.e. the Parachute Regiment and THEM! Nearly every squaddie has aspired to, or even attempted to grow a set at some point in their career. In the 1970s it was almost an issue item: Chops Pork Qty x 2, and many a period snap taken in the province shows some hapless soldier sporting sideys and long hair.

That forgotten decade aside, quite why the porkies have survived as a fashion statement is unclear, though recent trends have seen a resurgence in their wearing - albeit with significantly less loft insulation than seen around XMG circa. '75. Today's Pork Chops are noticably shorter than of old, but it was fun seeing just how low you could go before being pulled by the Badge.

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