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Lovely port town in deepest Dorset, situated on the shores of Poole harbour (oddly enough), which is rather large and full of islands. On the Western side of the harbour is the nature reserve - a marshy-type place. On the East of the harbour lies Poole.

Poole has a good many restaurants and a pottery museum, with a paint a plate type thing for the kids (fuck me this is rivetting). For those with more serious pursuits on their mind, there's a pub on the quayside called the Lord Nelson which is well worth a visit - all quaint and nautical, which one might expect being on a quayside.

The Royal Marines are based to the North of the town in RM Poole, with Amphibious Training Unit Royal Marines and 1 Assault Group Royal Marines. Also home to the SBS.

Poole is also adjacent to a grifting, tacky shithole town full of students, old people, illegal immigrants and dole scroungers called Bournemouth (that, somehow, people have managed to convince themselves is a lovely aspirational town). A good place to get drunk but a bad place to live, rent or buy, send your kids to school, shop, etc.